Nicole Hendrick Donovan is an author, reflective storyteller, spiritual seeker, energy healer and workshop facilitator. Nicole is a former Montessori educator who worked with a variety of students with various needs. During her teaching career, she created a Montessori preschool classroom which integrated neurotypical and non-neurotypical learners. After her son’s autism diagnosis, she became an ABA therapist and worked directly with children and families in the autism community. In 2017, Nicole, shifted her career path to focus on her memoir, A Life Suspendeda Mother and Son’s Story of Autism, Extinction Bursts and Living a Resilient Life, and writing for her blog.

In addition, Nicole is a certified practitioner in the healing arts of the Usui Reiki tradition and holds a certification as a meditation instructor. She offers Rose Ray Surrender Sessions in which she uses a variety of energy healing modalities weaving reiki, compassionate touch and relaxation techniques to provide a safe space for the energy body to become aligned and the mind to let go. She is the creator of a line of essential oil sprays and products including her signature Rose Ray Surrender Spray. Nicole is the author of A Life Suspended, and is the facilitator of Snapshot Stories, a unique workshop exploring vintage photographs using reflective writing and meditation. You can find her at, on Instagram: @nhdwrites and on Facebook as Nicole Hendrick Donovan. You can also contact her directly at