Infused with Universal energy of divine love and curated with sacred essential oils of Rose, Frankincense and other natural essence. Rose Ray Surrender Spray is the perfect way to connect with the energy of divine motherly love, assisting you in healing, rituals and your daily practices. All sprays are meant to use as a tool for meditation, prayer, or for room clearing.

~ Personal Experiences with the Rose Ray Surrender Spray ~

” I have been a sceptic of various spiritual practices…until I personally tried them. My journey with guided meditation brought Nicole and Rose Ray spray into my life. Nicole’s  soft, gentle healing presence is reflected in the Rose Ray spray she created. Sprayed into my cupped hands, it brings a sense of peace,clarity and well being. Perfect for quick relief from a frenzied day or grounding prior to meditation.” ~ Birute, A.

The surrender spray Nicole created not only smells heavenly, but the name is so true to it’s purpose. Whether I’m surrendering my fears, or just to the divine the love put into this spray definitely comes through! Not to mention it has helped tremendously with my recent bout of panic attacks the smells of rose and cedar bring me back into present moment and once again help me to surrender. Thank you for your beautiful creation, Nicole.” ~ Brittnay, C.

“Nicole’s absolutely wonderful Rose Ray Spray has become an integral part of a little daily practice along with my rosary and prayers to Mother Mary, for love, compassion and forgiveness. The soft and sweet scent captures the her (MM) essence.” ~ Deb, K.

“1st Splash = wow- I feel value
2nd splash= about the same but with vigor, I stepped more proud
3rd splash – same day as 2nd, but my thoughts more profound. 
Stopped counting splashes/spritz, realizing pure YES!” ~
Kirsten, C.


Infused with a grounded energy, Kingdom brings you home. Home to your inner Kingdom, the place within yourself where love, compassion and resillience reside. “You have everything you need,” became a mantra as I curated Kingdom. To sit inside your interior castle, to rise when you feel the inner call and to stand in your sovereignty. This is the energy in which Kingdom was created. All sprays are meant to use as a tool for meditation, prayer, or for room clearing.

Kingdom ~ Alchemy Spray is infused with Egyptian myrrh, frankincense, cedarwood and cinnamon.


Infused with the energy of the huntress, the Goddess Artemus. She is a pillar of sovereignty, focused and clear minded. She is intricately woven into wooded landscape, her pulse in sync with all that is, and yet she remains in her power. Huntress came to me as I was forging a path, weaving the past into the present and hitting my mark. I sprayed Huntress in my work space, or prior to a walking meditation outdoors, to assist with clarity. Her letter of Divine Compassion was my message; a message for many.

Huntress ~ Alignment Spray is infused with lemongrass, peppermint, cedarwood and lavender

Rose Ray Healing Arts Products:

Large bottle (4 oz.)     $19

Small bottle (2 oz.)     $14 (special orders only)

Rollerball wand $10

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Find my Rose Ray products at:

Two Feather’s Healing Arts Center, 383 Route 6a, Sandwich, Ma 02563

New Awakenings, 161 Summer St. Kingston, MA 02364

Rose Ray Surrender Sessions

An energy session infused with the divine grace of universal love

Rose Ray Surrender Sessions an offering of love…

Allow my hands to flow over you. Listen to the soft grace of the divine mother as she blesses you with comfort. Feel a sense of peace fill your heart as you ease into a supportive embrace. Release your worries, lay down your burdens and let go of what no longer serves you.

In early 2019, after several months of devotion to the Blessed Mother, Nicole was gifted “a letter of divine compassion,” after a meditation. She had recently started to connect with a higher consciousness and used this inspiration to guide her writing practice, but this particular message came through with such a high vibration of love, she knew it was meant for others to hear. A few weeks after the letter, she was guided to curate an essential oil spray, to assist in her surrender practice of letting go and allowing universal love to be her daily guide. With trust and faith, she created Rose Ray Surrender Spray, for her personal use. She found using the spray immensely comforting and as she continued her surrender practice and dedication to the divine Mother, she experienced a profound heart healing. With reverence and deep gratitude, she extends her practice to others.

Nicole Hendrick Donovan is an author, speaker and spiritual seeker. She is a certified practitioner of the healing arts in the Usui Reiki tradition with Sheree Asdot and Mersh Lubel Kanis. She is certified by the Namah Shivaya International School of Yoga in meditation. Nicole uses a variety of energy healing modalities weaving reiki, compassionate touch and relaxation techniques to provide a safe space for the energy body to become aligned and the mind to let go.

~ Personal Experiences with Rose Ray Surrender Sessions ~

“My blessing from Nicole was, to my heart,  spirit, and body Rose Ray frequency. The Rose Ray Surrender Spray is  soft power at its finest. Gentle yet,  highly charged. My healing with Nicole was to my soul and beautiful. What a blessing to receive both, and reap the benefits from a pure,  gentle soul.” ~ Mary, M.

Being enveloped in love and safety is how I feel when surrounded by Nicole. She gracefully shares her healing energy and wisdom. Her way of being completely real while sharing her own lessons here. She has such strength, admiration and loving mindfulness which has taught me so much. It has helped guide me and has helped me to staying on my path to finding my own sovereignty. She truly has a gift of love and healing. I am so grateful to know her and have her in my life.” ~ Sarah, G.

Events and additional information can be found on Nicole Hendrick Donovan’s Facebook page and/or Contact Nicole for additional upcoming events!