Ebb & Flow

(The Unveiling, by artist Tanya Lewis)

We are the tides moving to and fro.
From shadow to light we are a part of the continuous cycle. As the tide pulls away from shore, she recedes into herself as we do, examining our darker selves we look inward to gather our energies to reemerge.

She flows into the harbor, floods salt marshes and fills all the crevices of the in between. Her water reaches, lapping upon the sandy beach, caressing brave feet and tender toes. “Come in, dear one…” she whispers.

We expand into our light.
We are open to receive.
We are a life force renewed.

Know there is power in each phase. In the darkness of our ebb we are gifted inner sight to see what we are carrying and what we need to let go of. We see the shadow, the one we sometimes ignore, but hear her cries loudly when she steers our ship into stormy seas. In the ebb, we take time. We breathe. We journey into the dark side and say, “I love you.”

We hold our darker selves in reverence as she is showing us the way to the light. In the blackness we plant seeds of intention—seeds of hopes and desires—seeds for expansion. We pray and ask the Universe to remove the blocks we have placed in our path. We surrender our old beliefs and become willing.

We Trust.
We Allow.
We Receive.

And the flow begins. Powerful energies from a great source propel us forward and we see the horizon—a pregnant golden sliver of light—new life emerging. The sun shimmers as she flows into shore in a celebratory dance of becoming. “Will you dance with me?” she asks.

Within the mystery we fall and rise in the cycle of ebb and flow. In the circle we find we are never broken…

We are complete and never alone.

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  1. I loved this piece, It truly touched my soul and spoke to my inner self. Thank you for this wonderful inspirational piece of work. It speaks volumes of your creativity and resourcefulness. You are truly a wonderful writer!

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