We are circular—
We are born
We live
We die…

We do this, in thousands of ways during our lifetime.
We are in a continuous state of birth, death and re-birth.

We are sacred evolution.
If we embrace this knowledge,
We become fluid in our alchemical metamorphous.

Dearest, it is happening with, or without your consent.
The very nature of you is CHANGE.
Look around and see I am telling you truth.

Move yourself outdoors and you will see me—
I am the tide flowing through the channels filling the marsh.
I am the seed blowing in the wind on brisk autumn day.
I am rooting into the earth, lying quiet under winter’s snow.
I am pushing upward, through the warm earth after the thaw.
I am the flower who bursts open in an ecstatic celebration of renewed life.

And I do this—
Over and
Over and
Over again…

Do not weep or look back with regret.
There is nothing to carry.
Potential exists within.

If we are open to the miraculous gift—
Learning from our past while traveling lightly into our future
We become aware of our own alchemy.

Dearest, fight it if you must, but joy waits for you.
Allow resistance to fall away…
Just as the autumn leaves let go,
So, must you.

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