Jumping Off

I stood on the wet wooden planks of the boardwalk, taking in the swaying lush green salt grass as high tide flowed steady underneath the bridge. I felt a wave of gratitude wash over me. I loved to jump. I loved the freedom of jumping, the shock and thrill of the cold water and the feeling of renewal afterward.

One, two, three…I jumped off. A tingling sensation of bubbles wrapped around my body, as my feet touched down on the sandy bottom, I pushed upward and broke the salty surface. I surrendered to the pull of the tide and floated down stream letting my mind to drift. I thought about the fire circle ceremony I participated in, where we “let go” of the past, the things that no longer served us. These women were kind and brave. They shared their stories and made a commitment to be free from whatever was blocking them, opening up to joy, love and acceptance. It was humbling, and for many, transformative.

The term, “jumping off point,” is a place where a journey begins. Symbolism is intertwined with the act of jumping off and burning the stories we have written. Powerful, action-based steps, announcing to the universe we are ready to move forward.

Once I let go, space is created. Allowing possibilities to come into form, making room for magic, and light to enter…

It is about being Open, Brave, Kind and True. It is about taking risks and trusting.

It is about jumping off…onward!

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