Meditation Makes You a Badass Human

Meditation has been around for centuries, weaved into the ancient cultural fabric of the eastern traditions and religious practices, and in recent years it has found its way America. Although mediation is linked to rituals within religion, it does not necessarily have to be that for you. Meditation can stand-alone. The simple act of returning our awareness to our breath, becoming mindful and tuned in, is meditating. Some folks discovered meditation through yoga practices or mindfulness training in a work setting. More and more we are seeing mindfulness and meditation as being a pathway to release stress and increase our overall health.  Meditation has the ability to literally transform our lives on multiple levels.

In bringing the super skill of meditation into your life, you will reap benefits in the area of your physical health. Meditation will decrease pain, inflammation at the cellular level, elevating your immune system to work at a higher level making it less likely you will be pulled down by every cold or illness circulating the gym or office.

Happiness. Meditation makes you happy, and who doesn’t want a bit of happiness in their lives? Practicing stillness increases positive emotions, which decreases depression and anxiety. As we bring meditation into our routines, and we are feeling less anxious and depressed, our stress is decreased as well. When we are in a more positive mindset, negative emotions or stimulants fall away.

When we feel good, we do good. Productivity is another benefit to meditation practices. Taking a few minutes out of our day to reset, we become centered. Our thoughts are clearer and we become more focused. Pulling away the levels of distraction and dropping into a few minutes of calm shifts our perspectives to how we approach our work, daily tasks and life. We also become less impulsive, because have gained focus. It increased volume in areas of emotion, self-regulation, self-control and attitude. Taking time to turn the dial down on our internal chatter, it creates mental and emotional space, where there is less stimulation and distractions.

In accessing meditation practices, you will have the capacity to be an observer in your life. You will become super-charged in understand the connection between your own actions, feelings and how you move through the world. Observation and non-attachment (self-compassion) is a super tool that will enhance ever aspect of your life. Understanding yourself and how you process life is the key to freedom.

Mediation makes you a badass human. You are healthy, emotionally centered and focused able to navigate toddler story-time-hour at the local library or sitting in a contentious meeting. Meditation empowers us to embody ourselves and navigate our world.

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