The Gentle F.I.S.T.

I raise my gentle Fist with a deep Faith
That all that cannot be seen—is
It surrounds me and supports me even though
I cannot see or touch it.

I raise my gentle fIst and allow space for Intuition
To grow, breathe, and flourish.
I play in the garden of her creation—
Allowing intuition to bring life to every corner of my being.
Intuition in the form of a butterfly
Effortlessly floating—showing me the ease of letting go.

I raise my gentle fiSt and invite Spirit to dance through me—
A celebration of integration and unconditional love.
I allow the divine feminine to course through me—
Delighting and igniting every cell.
It is the fusion between body and goddess.
In merging flesh body with spirit—
I become free.

I raise my gentle fisT and Trust
As I am called to gather with you—
To heal old wounds,
To change the dialog,
To wake up to the stirring within.

Tune into your divine calling
Dial into your inner wisdom
Turn on your immense capacity

We rise to stand—
Grounding in our sovereignty
Know you are protected, loved, and celebrated.
Free yourself and step into the light
And together we are one.

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