I am a storyteller.
Through memoir and personal essay, I tell you my stories. I allow you to see me in hopes you see yourself. These are love letters. Love letters for you. By sharing the many facets of self-discovery, my intention is to provide a space for communion. At times I have been consumed by fear, feeling lost and utterly alone. During those times I reached for story. I became inspired by someone before me who paved a way. By someone sharing their truth, they liberated mine.

We are story.
Our lives are fluid tapestries comprised by stories. As we move forward, we are the artists who create, weaving into our future selves the threads from our past and present. We are a culmination of our experiences. When we dig into our personal histories, our ancestral lines and our belief systems, we uncover aspects we have unknowingly carried with us. As we unravel the subtle threads which color our lives, we gain clarity. We see patterns emerge and invite the wisdom of their teachings into our hearts. Our stories give us the power to transform. As we become willing to see and love ourselves unconditionally, we inspire others to do the same.

Story is everything.
When it’s shared freely, with grace and humility, compassionate connection is birthed. Although the storyteller stands alone their words reach beyond the written page, finding people where they live, they invite them to join a wider circle. We see ourselves in others. In the emotions expressed we find our humanity and rest in the softness of empathy. We are bonded by story, by life, by our experiences. We lay down our shields, our armor and assemble by the fire. Story stokes the flames of the heart, stirring things within us we had long forgotten. It has the power to heal our deepest wounds by allowing ourselves to be comforted. We are given a new perspective which illuminates our path to freedom.