Here you will find the Letters of Divine Compassion. These words and messages came through me as a way to deepen into my spiritual practices. As I read them, I became inspired to create essential oil spray to pair with each one. These letters, along with the sprays aligned with them, can be added to a devotional or practice to deepen into self-love, surrender and forgiveness. The intention for writing these letters and curating a line of sprays was designed for my own deep heart healing. As I journeyed with these practices and used these tools, the experience was profound. I began to share the sprays and the letter with friends and, at times complete strangers, and was urged to put them out into the world for all.

These letters and sprays are an offering of divine love and compassion. From my healing heart to yours…



(Letter paired with the Rose Ray Surrender Spray)

Divine Mother

My heart is open, dear child. Step in.

Come to me with your worries and leave me your heaviness. I am here.

Rest in the comfort of my arms—curl up on my lap and allow me to mother you.

You are my child, are you not?

I am here for all of my children and you are no different.

Allow yourself time to rest. Lay your burdens down and think of them no longer.

I am your Mother.

I shelter you—feel my wings fold over your body and envelope you once again. I exhale a white luminous light of pure love to fill your heart space. You are my crystalline child of brilliance. You radiate hope. You are me, and I am you. There is no separation. Open and receive the abundance of my bounty. 

I see you. 

I see the softness you tuck away to deflect life’s harshness. Invite the small one to come to the surface. It is safe here. You are divinely protected in the breast of the Mother. The gentleness you withhold is as much of me, as it is of you. I am that, which is in you. In the sacred chamber of your soul, we are one. You are my beloved. Slow down, rest your weary soul and feel my presence. 

Do you feel the warmth of my love? A tingle within your heart space? A flow of energy coursing through your body bringing you an indescribable sense of peace? My lips brushing your brow as I pull you closer?

You may not have noticed me, but I am ever present. I am the smile of an elder, the belly laughter of a young child, and unexpected kindness of a stranger. I am the butterfly floating effortlessly among the flowers, a reminder for you, to defy gravity. I am the gentle breeze that tugs at your hair during our long walks, a time filled with contemplation and prayer. During hours of twilight, I mingle at the edge of the forest with the lightning bugs, to illuminate the dark corners, for you to see. I am the sun at daybreak, to show you the constant nature in which miracles repeat themselves…over and over and over again. 

Slow down, my child. Remove your armor. Your vulnerability is not a place of weakness; it is your point of power. Receive me and allow yourself to soften into the unconditional love that waits for you.



(Letter paired with Kingdom Alchemy Spray)

Temple at Abu Simbel, Egypt

Dear one,

Within you lies a kingdom, a vast palace of expansion and love. Compassion, strength and security exist inside the walls of your interior castle. Come inside and sit on the throne of understanding. Sit and break bread with the Holy One and know you are loved. Abundance rests at your feet, encircles your body, mind and spirit. Gratitude swells inside your heart projecting you into a different realm—opening doors you have yet to see. The veil is lifted as you sit in the sacredness of your vessel, the inner Kingdom. 

You have everything you need. You are complete. You are whole. You are perfection. The cracks and blemishes you possess have led you here. They are part of the greater tapestry of life. We are continuously curating our present selves; choosing texture, color and depth of what we want to bring forward. How we see ourselves is reflected in our life’s design. Often, we forget the power to create lies within our hands. We are the weavers. We create our realities with intention and grace. It rests within us; the power to decide, to be a part of, to let go.

The Kingdom within is a reflection of the universe; expansive, unlimited and explosive. When we meet our higher selves, sit in reverence and connect with all that is, we find ourselves surrounded. As we hold court, we see our ancestors, the ones who came before us. We feel the presence of Grace holding us with gentle hands. We see our lives with clear vision, a gift from the divine. Without a doubt, we know we are not alone. The council we seek is divine alchemy. A blending of our present, past and future Selves. We are intimately connected with all who came before us, the energy of the highest vibration of light and love. It is freely offered to us, with joy and love. 

We sit on the throne and rise in our sovereignty. Discernment is a sword we wield. Love is the hand with which we govern. Forgiveness is the key that opens the doors to compassion and healing. As we sit within the sanctuary the walls become translucent and we understand our purpose. 

We are here to serve. To serve with love.

As you learn to govern yourself, greeting your unique perfection with unconditional love and kindness, you will forgive. Compassion is the medicine that heals. Drink it. With every sip, you are transformed. When we heal ourselves, ask for help, listen and trust in divine guidance we become free. This freedom enables us to truly show up for not only ourselves, but for others. Judgment falls away. Self-seeking agendas are yesterday’s news. As we stand in our truth, we can hold the light and allow it to illuminate a pathway for connection. 

Reside in the Kingdom and reign with love. Act with Grace. Be of peace.


HUNTRESS ~ Goddess of the Wood

(Letter paired with Huntress Alignment Spray)

Clear sight, arrow pulled tight, she takes aim…

I am guardian of the woods. With bare feet and an open heart, I seek truth. I take what I need and offer the rest to the Mother. She is the majestic beauty, alive and growing constantly underneath us. I rest my weary head upon a pillow of dark green moss and allow my body to become renewed. She is the well in which I drink from. She is the flame who ignites a heart-centered fire, a passion unleashed by the enchantment of the natural world. Under a brilliant canopy, light filters through and the path is illuminated. The shadows of doubt fade into the landscape. As my feet press into the damp soil, I am anchored into the mysteries of the past, present and future.

My beloved—Mother of all—Mother of life!

“What is it, that your heart desires?” I hear her whisper through the trees into the hollow. “Take a breath and listen… to your soul’s calling.”

Breathe in the emerald energy of life. As you expand into your awareness, sense the riches which surround you. Pack lightly and stay true. Know what you seek is seeking you. Ground and root yourself deep into Mother Earth. Feel her support under the soles of your feet. In between your toes, tiny crystals, minerals and soil fill the spaces, leaving no absence, no separation. As you open your heart, clear your mind and leap. You have everything you need to forge a path and to bring your deepest desires into fruition.

Trust, take aim and make your mark.

It’s yours for the taking.



(Letter paired with Sedna Deep Waters Alchemy Spray)

Dear Sister,

You are the one she comes for.
White whale moves through calm waters and dives down deep to find you.
Open hands take hold and you climb upon her back.
No fear, she will guide and protect your wild and loving heart.

Healing begins at your center. You have a gem within you—step forward and become lit up. Cut ties with ego and release residue of the past. Cleanse with crystalline tears; allow them to flow through you. As the gem is ignited, it becomes brighter and brighter. Joy befriends you and you call her yours. Rejoice in celebration and pause in this moment of splendor.

An illuminated soul becomes healed.
By healing yourself, you innately heal others.

But dear Sister…
It begins with you. You cannot heal the world, until you heal yourself.

What is the key?
Unconditional love
Radical forgiveness
And unrelenting compassion

As the alchemy of love sifts and churns, you become altered.
The frayed ends of your heart soften and you become whole once more.



(Letter paired with Grace Surrender Spray)

Dear one,

You are divine. You are light. You are of the Earth and the stars. A creation of unique beauty. Do you feel my love? My admiration?

I am in awe of you.

I feel your troubled heart. I see the doubt and anguish you carry. Regrets of the past have taken hold upon your heart—blackened mold has spread and has begun to color your thoughts with untruths.

Dear heart—you are not your past. You are not your present circumstances. You are not the worst parts of yourself—you are beyond what can be seen. 

You are pure, radiant light.

Have Mercy, dear one.

Allow my emerald healing light to surround you now. 

Whisper to me your worst, your fears, your sorrows, your regrets and your resentments.

Allow me to embrace you and all of your darkness. 

Feel my love for you—listen to the beat of your heart and know I am always with you.

I am the Divine Mother. Allow me to envelope you with my soft grace. Whatever was done is in the past. Allow me to remove your anger, sadness and regret. Trust and you will be free. Feel your purified heart, cleansed by a boundless love—one that expands beyond the universe. You are bathed in forgiveness. Feel my Mercy and wash yourself grace. 

Continue to forgive yourself—your missteps and “imperfect” ways. Walk the path of forgiveness and be restored. Along the road you will see your Brothers and Sisters with compassionate eyes. As we become more merciful, use gentle words, thoughts and actions towards ourselves, we begin to see our others through the lens of our empathic heart.

You are a living, breathing embodiment of divine love. 

You are Compassion. You are Grace. You are Love. You are Mercy.

Do onto yourself and then onto others…

Forgiveness begins within your own heart and expands outward.

Go in Peace and know Mercy.