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I first discovered Sound when I began a meditation practice. I struggled with meditation, making time for it was also challenging, as I had a household full of kids. A few towns over, there was a metaphysical shop that offered meditation classes, one of which was with crystal signing bowls. After attending a couple of sound baths, I noticed that my mind was markedly quieter. There was space between my thoughts, and my body felt lighter, at ease. Over the next several years, I have continued learning and exploring meditative and alignment practices, this has led me to certifications in Meditation, Reiki, and Wellness Coaching. In 2021, I was given the opportunity to teach meditation classes at a new center near my home. They had a set of crystal singing bowls and I asked them if I could play them. It was a slow time, we were dipping ourselves back into group activities, as the Covid pandemic was still very much a part of our collective experience. It was within this space, I allowed myself to be curious, to play and learn, and to surrender… I often say that playing the bowls is my love language, as it is such a deep expression of true creativity, joy, and love.

The science behind Sound is pretty fascinating. We are learning more and more about sound, frequency and vibration and how they shift brainwave patterns. Most of our days, our brainwaves are in a beta state, we are living our lives, navigating our day-to-day responsibilities. The tones expressed during a crystal bowl meditation, resonate at a frequency where the mind hooks into the sound, and the brainwaves begin to sync up, lowering them from a beta state to a theta state. When our brainwaves are in a theta state we are more relaxed. When we are more relaxed, our physical and emotional body becomes more regulated. As a practitioner of Sound, I see the evidence of peace and ease on my clients face as I bring them out of meditation. I have had the privilege to be invited into spaces where clients are differently abled and have special needs. Some of these adults couldn’t hear, or see. One of them, couldn’t do either, and yet…the evidence was in their response as I played, their body softened. Session after session I saw this happen. There is something about sound, about stillness, and allowing ourselves to find periods where we can let ourselves BE.

Rose Ray Surrender Sessions provide a soft, sacred space, for individuals to find relaxation though energy alignment. Reiki as described by International Center for Reiki Training, “is a method of stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. The technique was developed in Japan and is administered by the laying on of hands. It is based on the idea that all living things have a special energy flowing through them called life energy.”¬†Each session, whether it is Solo Sound, Rose Ray Reiki or a combination of both, is tailored for your specific needs.

Solo Sound Sessions are private one-to-one session that is tailored for your needs. Whether you have a set intention for your session, or you are looking for peace and calm to bring you back into alignment, these session can be freeing and supportive. I use various instruments during the sound bath sessions, including: crystal bowls, brass bowls, Koshi bells, crystal triangle as well as other instruments. Solo Sound ~ 1 hour $88

Group Sound Sessions Private gatherings, retreats, “alternative” birthday/bachelorette/girls night for small gatherings at my studio or at your desired location. In addition, I provide Therapeutic Sound Sessions for diverse populations in their home environment. Contact me for pricing and to book:

Rose Ray Reiki sessions use a variety of energy healing modalities weaving reiki, compassionate touch, and relaxation techniques to provide a safe space for the energy body to become aligned and the mind to let go. Rose Ray Reiki ~ 1 hour $88

~ Personal Experiences with Nicole ~Being enveloped in love and safety is how I feel when surrounded by Nicole. She gracefully shares her healing energy and wisdom. Her way of being completely real while sharing her own lessons here. She has such strength, admiration and loving mindfulness which has taught me so much. It has helped guide me and has helped me to staying on my path to finding my own sovereignty. She truly has a gift of love and healing. ” ~ Sarah, G.

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