Supportive Energy Alignment Sessions with Nicole Donovan

Allow my hands to flow over you. Listen to the soft grace of the divine mother as she blesses you with comfort. Feel a sense of peace fill your heart as you ease into a supportive embrace. Release your worries, lay down your burdens and let go of what no longer serves you.

I am an author, reflective storyteller, alchemist, and guide. I am a Reiki Master in the Usui tradition and a certified meditation instructor. Inspired by my personal healing journey, I have curated two energetic offerings…

Rose Ray Reiki sessions use a variety of energy healing modalities weaving reiki, compassionate touch, and relaxation techniques to provide a safe space for the energy body to become aligned and the mind to let go. Rose Ray Reiki ~ 1 hour $77


Rose Ray Surrender Sessions was lovingly curated to provide a sanctuary to surrender through ritual, sound healing, reflective intuitive guidance, and energy alignment. My personal journey of cultivating self-love through surrender practices has inspired me to bring these sacred tools of healing to others. My reflective nature as a seeker has given me clarity to see beyond limitations. I have come to believe that authentic empowerment comes from self-liberation through the body, mind, and spirit. 

~ Personal Experiences with Rose Ray Surrender Sessions ~

“My blessing from Nicole was, to my heart,  spirit, and body Rose Ray frequency. The Rose Ray Surrender Spray is  soft power at its finest. Gentle yet, highly charged. My healing with Nicole was to my soul and beautiful. What a blessing to receive both, and reap the benefits from a pure,  gentle soul.” ~ Mary, M.

Being enveloped in love and safety is how I feel when surrounded by Nicole. She gracefully shares her healing energy and wisdom. Her way of being completely real while sharing her own lessons here. She has such strength, admiration and loving mindfulness which has taught me so much. It has helped guide me and has helped me to staying on my path to finding my own sovereignty. She truly has a gift of love and healing. I am so grateful to know her and have her in my life.” ~ Sarah, G.

Rose Ray Surrender Sessions ~ 1.5 hours $117

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