My journey with alchemizing high vibrational products began after I wrote, I Am Your Mother: A Letter of Divine Compassion. I was inspired to create a spray to help me deepen into my surrender and letting go rituals. When this idea first came to me, I laughed out loud, as I am sensitive to many floral smells and often get headaches. But, the message was insistent. “Rose, Lavender and Frankincense,” was the beginning. I didn’t even own a rose oil, nor did I believe I would like it! But, my desire to find expansion and peace was stronger than my resistance not to. I have been using yoga and meditation to find stillness, self-compassion, and forgiveness for many years, and found these sprays and letters are another beautiful tool towards embodiment and connection. The Rose Ray line of meditation sprays and portable rollerball fragrances were generated out of my curiosity and devotion to the sacredness within. Rose Ray Healing Arts products are handcrafted in small batches on Cape Cod.

Rose ray surrender spray bottle, blessed Mother Mary, I am your mother letter of divine compassion, rose quartz crystal
Rose Ray Surrender Spray


Rose blend, lavender, frankincense, rosemary, cedar & sandalwood

Infused with Universal energy of divine love. Rose Ray Surrender Spray is the perfect way to connect with the energy of divine motherly love, assisting you in healing, rituals, and your daily self-care and surrender practices. It is the perfect tool for meditation, prayer, or for room clearing.

“Nicole’s Rose Ray Spray offers a direct and sensual experience of the Lady’s magic and mysteries. Wherever we are, when we use it, we are with Her again in the garden.” ~ Perdita Finn is the co-author of The Way of the Rose: The Radical Path of the Divine Feminine Hidden in the Rosary

Kingdom alchemy spray, essential oil spray, Egyptian jar, crystals
Kingdom Alchemy Spray


Egyptian myrrh, frankincense, cedar, eucalyptus & cinnamon

Infused with a grounded energy, Kingdom brings you home. Home to your inner Kingdom, the place within yourself where love, compassion and resilience reside. “You have everything you need,” became a mantra as I curated Kingdom. To sit inside your interior castle, to rise when you feel the inner call and to stand in your sovereignty. This is the energy in which Kingdom was created. All sprays are meant to use as a tool for meditation, prayer & room clearing.

Huntress Alignment Spray
Huntress Alignment Spray


 Lemongrass, peppermint, cedarwood & lavender

Infused with the energy of the huntress, the Goddess Artemis. She is a pillar of sovereignty, focused and clear minded. She is intricately woven into wooded landscape, her pulse in sync with all that is, and yet she remains in her power. Huntress came to me as I was forging a path, weaving the past into the present and hitting my mark. I sprayed Huntress in my workspace, or prior to a walking meditation outdoors, to assist with clarity.

Grace Surrender Spray


Lavender, rose blend, jasmine, bergamot & orange

Infused with a full-bodied softness that calls you into the arms of grace. Grace Surrender Spray was inspired by Quan Yin and her devotion to the purity of unconditional love, forgiveness, and mercy. The intention was to spread compassion and mercy, not only for our loved ones, but for ourselves. When I surrendered into the well of my compassionate heart, I found my love expanded. In practicing acts of self-love and self-forgiveness, I believe we have the power to heal ourselves and how we view the world. Empathy is birthed from compassion ~ this is the medicine of our time.


Pachouli, Rosemary, Grapefruit, Cedarwood & Lavender

Sedna was created to support slow and reflective practices of gentle movement, journaling, mindfulness, and meditation. The earthy notes of this fragrance is an invitation to remember who you are. Sedna is a nod to the Inuit Goddess of the same name. Sedna, rebellious and strong willed, she ruled the sea and the underworld. Just as the endless caverns of the ocean, we too, have deep wells that are dark, mysterious, and filled with life to discover. As you breathe her in, feel yourself become submerged into calm waters. Let go of the chatter of your mind and sink into the depths of your inner knowing. Sedna rules within the fluid water of our hearts and the stillness of our intuition, inviting us to seek balance within.


You can read the Letters of Divine Compassion, here:

Rose Ray Surrender Products are available at these local shops! New Awakenings – Kingston, MA., Two Feathers Healing Arts Center – E. Sandwich, MA., Kiya Marie By the Sea – Sandwich MA., and Centerville Yoga & Wellness – Barnstable, MA., Sarah Glover Skin Care – Falmouth, MA.

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