Feeling the love of belonging
Beautiful friends Jodi and Sheree embrace good-bye (Aug 2018)

You Belong.

Close your eyes and remember. You are woven into the fabric of us all. You are of the earth and sky. You are divinity in motion, a proclamation of life!

As you find completeness within, so will you, in the world. Satisfaction will radiate out from your very being and ripple over each layer of life, bringing forth abundance and a deep sense of divine connection with all that is.

Gratitude will fill you, as you bear witness to the wealth surrounding you. With an intrinsic eye, you view the world and know you are home—first within yourself—than among the natural fibers of creation. 

            You are life.

            You belong.

As you move through the day—rise to greet yourself. In the reflection of the water. In the fractals of light beaming through the window. The faces that glide by you on your way to the first destination of the day. In the eyes of the rude man, who is rushing past you, almost knocking you over. Know he is you. Find graciousness within your heart to forgive his mis-step, his hurried nature. Trust he has a story, a journey, one unique to him. Instead of resentment, of choosing separation, choose to see him with love, not fear. Send him light to brighten his way, bless him and move on…

One day you may be him, but the truth is, you already are. 

We belong to each other in ways we cannot explain or imagine. May our differences—the ones that threaten to divide us, separate us, fall away. Instead, may we choose tolerance, compassion and love. To subscribe to the belief, it’s okay to not understand, to disagree, and be open enough to give girth to allow others to be. We all have the power within us—individually (at first) and collectively, to embrace all we are.

            We are all wounded.

            We are all human.

            We are all love.

Follow the threads of humanity—ways in which we can find truth and connection, ease into that space, and know. At the center—we are love. It is our fear that gets in the way—derails us from our divine purpose. 

Our divine purpose is to love. To be whole. To dance and delight in it all. Opportunities present themselves to us every day, and every day, we get to choose. It is in this moment, we become empowered. The past is gone. The future is an illusion. All we have, rests in the present.

Resiliency is a superpower.

Transformation is an action word.

We are here to walk each other home. To forgive. To see one another. To be patient and kind. To understand, that we are more similar than we are different.

You belong to me, and me to you. 

I see you. I feel you. I love you.

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