A letter of divine compassion, channeled upon my return from Egypt, 12/8/19.

King Ramses II Temple at Abu Simbel, Egypt

Dear one,

Within you lies a kingdom, a vast palace of expansion and love. Compassion, strength and security exist inside the walls of your interior castle. Come inside and sit on the throne of understanding. Sit and break bread with the Holy One and know you are loved. Abundance rests at your feet, encircles your body, mind and spirit. Gratitude swells inside your heart projecting you into a different realm—opening doors you have yet to see. The veil is lifted as you sit in the sacredness of your vessel, the inner Kingdom. 

You have everything you need. You are complete. You are whole. You are perfection. The cracks and blemishes you possess have led you here. They are part of the greater tapestry of life. We are continuously curating our present selves; choosing texture, color and depth of what we want to bring forward. How we see ourselves is reflected in our life’s design. Often, we forget the power to create lies within our hands. We are the weavers. We create our realities with intention and grace. It rests within us; the power to decide, to be a part of, to let go.

The Kingdom within is a reflection of the universe; expansive, unlimited and explosive. When we meet our higher selves, sit in reverence and connect with all that is, we find ourselves surrounded. As we hold court, we see our ancestors, the ones who came before us. We feel the presence of Grace holding us with gentle hands. We see our lives with clear vision, a gift from the divine. Without a doubt, we know we are not alone. The council we seek is divine alchemy. A blending of our present, past and future Selves. We are intimately connected with all who came before us, the energy of the highest vibration of light and love. It is freely offered to us, with joy and love. 

We sit on the throne and rise in our sovereignty. Discernment is a sword we wield. Love is the hand with which we govern. Forgiveness is the key that opens the doors to compassion and healing. As we sit within the sanctuary the walls become translucent and we understand our purpose. 

We are here to serve. To serve with love.

As you learn to govern yourself, greeting your unique perfection with unconditional love and kindness, you will forgive. Compassion is the medicine that heals. Drink it. With every sip, you are transformed. When we heal ourselves, ask for help, listen and trust in divine guidance we become free. This freedom enables us to truly show up for not only ourselves, but for others. Judgment falls away. Self-seeking agendas are yesterday’s news. As we stand in our truth, we can hold the light and allow it to illuminate a pathway for connection. 

Reside in the Kingdom and reign with love. Act with Grace. Be of peace.

King Ramses II Temple, Egypt

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  1. Courtney

    Truly beautiful and channels from divine source. Thank you for being open and for sharing.
    I love you ❤️

    1. nhdonovan

      Thank you for your kind words and love. Right back at you!

  2. Deb

    Powerful and beautiful ❤️

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