Huntress—Goddess of the Woods

A letter of Divine Compassion

Clear sight, arrow pulled tight, she takes aim…

I am guardian of the woods. With bare feet and an open heart, I seek truth. I take what I need and offer the rest to the Mother. She is the majestic beauty, alive and growing constantly underneath us. I rest my weary head upon a pillow of dark green moss and allow my body to become renewed. She is the well in which I drink from. She is the flame who ignites a heart-centered fire, a passion unleashed by the enchantment of the natural world. Under a brilliant canopy, light filters through and the path is illuminated. The shadows of doubt fade into the landscape. As my feet press into the damp soil, I am anchored into the mysteries of the past, present and future.

My beloved—Mother of all—Mother of life!

“What is it, that your heart desires?” I hear her whisper through the trees into the hollow. “Take a breath and listen… to your soul’s calling.”

Breathe in the emerald energy of life. As you expand into your awareness, sense the riches which surround you. Pack lightly and stay true. Know what you seek is seeking you. Ground and root yourself deep into Mother Earth. Feel her support under the soles of your feet. In between your toes, tiny crystals, minerals and soil fill the spaces, leaving no absence, no separation. As you open your heart, clear your mind and leap. You have everything you need to forge a path and to bring your deepest desires into fruition.

Trust, take aim and make your mark.

It’s yours for the taking.

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