Mercy ~ A Letter of Divine Compassion

Dear one,

You are divine. You are light. You are of the Earth and the stars. A creation of unique beauty. Do you feel my love? My admiration?

I am in awe of you.

I feel your troubled heart. I see the doubt and anguish you carry. Regrets of the past have taken hold upon your heart—blackened mold has spread and has begun to color your thoughts with untruths.

Dear heart—you are not your past. You are not your present circumstances. You are not the worst parts of yourself—you are beyond what can be seen. 

You are pure, radiant light.

Have Mercy, dear one.

Allow my emerald healing light to surround you now. 

Whisper to me your worst, your fears, your sorrows, your regrets and your resentments.

Allow me to embrace you and all of your darkness. 

Feel my love for you—listen to the beat of your heart and know I am always with you.

I am the divine Mother. Allow me to envelope you with my soft grace. Whatever was done is in the past. Allow me to remove your anger, sadness and regret. Trust and you will be free. Feel your purified heart, cleansed by a boundless love—one that expands beyond the universe. You are bathed in forgiveness. Feel my Mercy and wash yourself in grace. 

Continue to forgive yourself—your missteps and “imperfect” ways. Walk the path of forgiveness and be restored. Along the road you will see your Brothers and Sisters with compassionate eyes. As we become more merciful, use gentle words, thoughts and actions towards ourselves, we begin to see our others through the lens of our empathic heart.

You are a living, breathing embodiment of divine love. 

You are Compassion.

You are Grace.

You are Love.

You are Mercy.

Do onto yourself and then onto others…

Forgiveness begins within your own heart and expands outward.

Go in Peace and know Mercy.

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