Sacrifice & Rebirth

What do you sacrifice, dear one?

For the stories you want to birth—the reality you wish to co-create?

Step into my waters. Allow me to bathe and cleanse the old away. The years of illusions, conditions and expectations. The lies you digested and spun into a web of captivity. Allow yourself to sink. Lay back into my chest and feel my love burn for you. Rest in my arms as I hold you still. Let go of the old ways and the beliefs that no longer serve. One hand holds you at your center, igniting a flame within. With the other hand, I cup the Holy waters and sweep them over you. As the Holy waters clean your body, they illuminate your energy field. With my fingers I trace your face and I anoint your forehead with my lips—a kiss from the Mother, a divine and pure love. 

You see what others do not. You feel deeper, and sometimes are overtaken by emotions which are not from your reality, but a collective connection to consciousness. You are a child among the stars. A light in a vast sea of illuminated beings. Allow the tendrils of compassionate Grace to flow through you. Let go and surrender to this divine invitation. You are in alignment with an alchemical transformation. You are anchored into a new Earth, an awakening of the soul. A remembrance is being offered—wide and far to all.  

We are One.

We are Love.

We are Divinity and Light.

We are the energy of the Creator.

We are never separated, only by illusions and fear. The illusions of “me, my, mine.” A lower energy where fear resides. Not love. Listen within—your divinity rests inside and encircles your earthly body. Sacrifice the old ways, the ancient beliefs of your ancestors, of your forefathers and mothers. Release the stories of the past, and the oppressive narratives that play inside your mind and continue to make you feel small. You are not that. Let go of the rules. The regulations and how things were “always done.” 

As I wash away the dirt and the grime, see these old ways cascade into the healing waters. Allow them to drop away and be swallowed by the Mother. She transmutes what is given. Sacrifice, and be reborn. Sacrifice, and make it Holy. As you release the old you will be born anew.

Blessed be, the child who surrenders. Blessed be, the child who holds on. All are welcome. All are loved.

The invitation to be bathed in the Holy waters of the well are ever present. Dip the challis into these waters of transformation and allow yourself to remember. Carry your cup forward and drink from it again and again and again. 

Over and over we greet death to be reborn. We die to ourselves and enter the sanctuary of the Kingdom. Rise up, my darling, and be born anew. 

4 thoughts on “Sacrifice & Rebirth”

  1. Beautiful wisdom shared with so much love and clarity. Just what I needed to hear today as I feel I have been going through the portal of birth death rebirth over and over again during our spiritual quarantine. <3

    1. Thank you, Debra! Cycles of death and rebirth are a constantly in motion, but now more than ever. I am glad you found this comforting. Love to you as we continue to grow and shift into something new.

  2. We are born of the Creator. Nothing is more true. Lower energy is where fear resides, unfortunately it’s never been more true than today. I send so many prayers for this world.

    1. Thank you, for sending your prayers out into the world. Positive light, and intentions can do miraculous things…

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