I Am Your Mother

A letter of Divine Compassion

My heart is open, dear child. Step in.

Come to me with your worries and leave me your heaviness. I am here.

Rest in the comfort of my arms—curl up on my lap and allow me to mother you.

You are my child, are you not?

I am here for all of my children and you are no different.

Allow yourself time to rest. Lay your burdens down and think of them no longer.

I am your Mother.

I shelter you—feel my wings fold over your body and envelope you once again. I exhale a white luminous light of pure love to fill your heart space. You are my crystalline child of brilliance. You radiate hope. You are me, and I am you. There is no separation. Open and receive the abundance of my bounty. 

I see you. 

I see the softness you tuck away to deflect life’s harshness. Invite the small one to come to the surface. It is safe here. You are divinely protected in the breast of the Mother. The gentleness you withhold is as much of me, as it is of you. I am that, which is in you. In the sacred chamber of your soul, we are one. You are my beloved. Slow down, rest your weary soul and feel my presence. 

Do you feel the warmth of my love? A tingle within your heart space? A flow of energy coursing through your body bringing you an indescribable sense of peace? My lips brushing your brow as I pull you closer?

You may not have noticed me, but I am ever present. I am the smile of an elder, the belly laughter of a young child, and unexpected kindness of a stranger. I am the butterfly floating effortlessly among the flowers, a reminder for you, to defy gravity. I am the gentle breeze that tugs at your hair during our long walks, a time filled with contemplation and prayer. During hours of twilight, I mingle at the edge of the forest with the lightning bugs, to illuminate the dark corners, for you to see. I am the sun at daybreak, to show you the constant nature in which miracles repeat themselves…over and over and over again. 

Slow down, my child. Remove your armor. Your vulnerability is not a place of weakness; it is your point of power. Receive me and allow yourself to soften into the unconditional love that waits for you.

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