Infuse Your Life with Intention

Intention does not come from the mind, it come from the soul. Our higher self speaks to us bringing down messages of rebirth, renewal, direction, allowing, motivation, love, compassion, contemplation, desires and oneness. How we take those messages is up to us—do we let them spin inside our heads? Do we block them by thinking they are unattainable? Or do we integrate these divine messages into our being?

Awareness is the first step; a sliver of light has illuminated a truth within us, giving us the gift of clarity. When the sacred whispers are heard, they settle into knowing, and then you remember… We are downloading ancient texts into our being. We are sifting the knowledge for a greater expansion.

Once the divine messages are processed we can move forward manifesting change. Ask the ego to step aside, as we begin to formulate our intentions with purity and light. Be clear with what you want, what you ask for, and understand you will play an active role in bringing your desires into your life. State your intention with a broad stroke and with great love. Say it with your breath. Breathe intention into the petals of the roses in your garden. Shift your thoughts to align with what you are trying to birth. Ask for help. Allow your spiritual guides into assist you. Be open and let go.

As we use action steps and place energy around what we desire for change, we are collectively affirming to the universe that we are showing up. We are stabilizing what we want to bring into the world. We are rooting into mother earth, grounding into our foundation, and rising. When we interweave our intentions into thoughts and actions, we stand in our sovereignty. We acknowledge our worthiness and venture on the path to wholeness.

You are a child of God, Goddess, and Source Energy—infuse your life with intention and watch miracles unfold. Trust you will be directed and guided upon your journey. What is brought in ripples outward reaching the far corners. Remember your power and honor the flow of becoming who you are meant to be in this lifetime. Honor your unique medicine and trust you are supported…

When you rise—we all rise. It is time to infuse your life with intention and allow the universe to lift you up in its winds of change…

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