Belly Laugh!

My son and I were in the checkout line of a clothing store recently. A child, whom we could not see, started laughing. Big belly laughing. My son said, “Hear that, Mom? That is what you call pure joy!” I fell into unexpected laughter myself, and after a particularly exhausting day, it was like a happiness shot into my arm. He put everything in perspective in seven-seconds. I was enormously grateful, not only for his words, but for him to recognize joy and share it with me.

Share your wonder. Your observations of the world with others. It can make a difference.

What we shine a light on, expands…
Shine on, my friends. Shine on…

3 thoughts on “Belly Laugh!”

  1. First thing I read this am and it inspired me to find the simple pure joy moments in my day.❤️
    Thank you

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