Practicing Savasana

When I began my journey with yoga I was surprised by the power of the Savasana, which is one of the asanas in the practice. As last part of the sequence in the classes I attended, I was often elated when the instructor announced it was time to settle in and relax in Savasana. Laying on my back in the corpse pose, I would stretch my body and allow myself to fall into the lull of the music and dimmed lighted atmosphere. Having a few moments of rest from a hectic, if not stressful life outside of the yoga studio, I welcomed the stillness.

During the first few months of consistently attending yoga classes, I was stunned by overflow of emotions that washed over me—again and again and again—during Savasana. When the instructor would come around to assist students using hands-on techniques to make adjustments, I would fall apart.

What I received from each yogi was deeper than an adjustment. Each instructor was slightly different, but all were aligned with the intention of love and compassion. One smoothed my hair, rubbed my temples and with essential oils. Another placed her hands on my shoulders and then ran her hands down my arms. A couple of them rubbed my feet with lotion. Every single time, during those first few months, I wept.

In Savasana, I created space for my body and mind to integrate. Time to sink in, slow down and feel. I was going into my body and tapping into the spiritual being that I am. Much of my life, I was a “human doing,” not a “human being,” but during Savasana, the walls began to crumble and I became vulnerable and open. Allowing a virtual stranger to touch me, in many ways, was life changing.

It brought awareness back to my true self. How grateful I was to have compassionate hands help me see myself in a kind and loving way. If someone else can give that to me, so can I. May you allow yourself to be touched, be open to sitting with your true self and see the beautiful being that you are.


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