To stand in my sovereignty, is to understand my place in the world, a deep reverence for self, and faith in the divine nature of things. I allow my gifts to be woven into the tapestry of the mystery. May they find threads from others; elevating them into the star-lit sky.

Standing in sovereignty is not boastful or egocentric; it is life-giving. When our feet are firmly rooted in truth, we can be who we were meant to be. We can give from the depths of who we are. It is in us—to be us. Our authenticity is our purpose. We bring a uniqueness to the world that is ours to share. Who are we to deny others of the beauty that is us?

Wouldn’t that be playing small? We are here to inspire and BE inspired. When we stand in our sovereignty, we transcend race, gender and class. The spark that ignites within us transcends all.

My authority does not concern you. I govern only myself. My independence stems from faith and trust in God and inner wisdom. At times, I may need to shield and to pull within, to safeguard any new growth that is occurring. Shifting is necessary; so are boundaries. Knowing where my edges lie, shelters us from unintended energy that does not serve.

Unconditional love extends from me to you. In the space where self-love is birthed, it expands beyond the confines of the heart. Rippling outward it reaches, lapping over all that is. Through the expression of freedom comes an intense joy. A joy that is available to all.

This way of joyful living brings healing and hope. May we all stand tall, tilting our gorgeous selves to the heavens and embrace the magnificence that we are given.

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