Sedna and the White Whale

Dear Sister,

You are the one she comes for.
White whale moves through calm waters and dives down deep to find you.
Open hands take hold and you climb upon her back.
No fear, she will guide and protect your wild and loving heart.

Healing begins at your center. You have a gem within you—step forward and become lit up. Cut ties with ego and release residue of the past. Cleanse with crystalline tears; allow them to flow through you. As the gem is ignited, it becomes brighter and brighter. Joy befriends you and you call her yours. Rejoice in celebration and pause in this moment of splendor.

An illuminated soul becomes healed.
By healing yourself, you innately heal others.

But dear Sister…
It begins with you. You cannot heal the world, until you heal yourself.

What is the key?
Unconditional love
Radical forgiveness
And unrelenting compassion

As the alchemy of love sifts and churns, you become altered.
The frayed ends of your heart soften and you become whole once more.

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