Winds of Change

During this time of year, so many of us are in transition. As we watch our calendars fill with fall events and wave to the kids as they climb aboard the school bus, we often find our minds and bodies racing. New schedules do that. We leave our comfort zone and dip our toes in the future, while trying to hold on to the past…

Take a deep breath and find you feet. You are HERE. Your feet are like the red arrow on the mall directory map. Take a minute BE right where right where you are.

Go easy. Everyone is in flux and doing the best they can, including you!

Slow down. Take time to charge your batteries physically and emotionally.

Pad your time. Adding extra time into your schedule as you ease into new routines.

Eat well. A little time spent on prepping healthy snacks and meals goes a long way.

But MOST of all…
Embrace the mess and love yourself through it.

Transitions are imperfect. We may lose our footing or find ourselves getting caught up in negative internal dialogs…Reset. Be kind to yourself. Know this shift is temporary and your not alone.

May you carry yourself gently into the winds of change.

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